Wendy Smith


I know you are wonderful. I want you to know it too. Let's go on a journey together to find your wonderful...

  • I can’t tell you how much joy I feel during our sessions and the sense of well being I feel after chatting with you. You never cease to amaze me with all the deep insights you reveal. It’s a true gift!!

    - Susie, South Australia
  • The best thing about coaching with Wendy was it was easy and comfortable.  She wasn’t pushy but gave me the encouragement I needed at just the right time to keep me heading in the right direction to achieve my goals.  The process that we followed had me thinking about my goals and what I wanted to achieve in my life.  It gave me insight on what motivates me and allowed me to set myself up to achieve my goal of running a half marathon.  Wendy is always full of positive energy and it’s infectious.  Especially when having a rough day.  It was great to be in contact with Wendy who would help me realign myself toward what I wanted to achieve.

    - Alison, Sydney
  • The biggest benefit of coaching was feeling a great sense of satisfaction at completed tasks I had been putting off for quite sometime and it really focused me on making changes in my life.  Having someone to be accountable to, breaking down each aspect of life and focussing on it individually and ways to improve it were the best things about coaching.  Feeling a sense of achievement when ticking things off and doing them.  I most enjoyed Wendy’s joyful nature and genuine sense of caring.  She was always enthusiastic and encouraging.  I felt totally comfortable telling her anything and never felt judged.  She wanted the best for me and it showed.

    - Nat, Sydney